Migraine sufferers know how frustrating living with their condition can be.
We have a message: YOU ARE NOT ALONE.
Migraine attacks may present in many different forms and always have stories behind them.

Here, you can find content from featured influencers who have to manage their symptoms,
just as you have to manage yours.
Read, watch, and share these stories to help build a strong community against migraine!

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I’ve recently noticed that the “migraine selfie” has become a trend in the fashion industry and especially on Instagram. Socialites, models, and Insta-famous celebrities are using this pose to gain more likes and comments on their social accounts. The look is meant to express a...

June is Migraine Awareness Month and, as someone who suffers from chronic migraines, a spokesperson for No Time 4 Migraines, and a mom of three, there are strategies I use that help me combat my migraine monsters. However, I wouldn’t be able to do that...

I’m very aware of myself and how certain things affect my body. Food, in particular, is a sensitive subject for me, especially in relation to migraine attacks. The hardest part about my diet is avoiding items that trigger my migraine attacks. At 40 years old,...

Migraine patients know exactly what it feels like when an attack is brewing. I can often assess a situation I’m in, where my migraine monsters are going to be a problem, sometimes long before I start feeling any symptoms. For example, the other day, I was heading...

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