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My Bag of Migraine Tricks

I just love to look inside another person’s purse. Don’t you think it’s rather telling? Honestly, that quick view is like a peek into an individual’s soul! There are so many things I carry around with me all day long. As a mother of three, I have to be prepared for meltdowns, hunger pangs, and boredom spouts. As someone who loves style and makeup, I like to keep everything I need for a quick touch-up while I am on the go. And as someone who suffers from migraines, I need to be sure to stay on top of my symptoms before they get the best of me, since I have and never know what kind of migraine attack might happen. Like I said, I carry many things. Today, I thought it would be fun to share a look at what’s in MY bag. Now, full disclosure: I’ve cleaned this up a bit because I didn’t think you wanted to look at empty gum wrappers and loose diapers. LOL! All in all, the concept is still the same. I like to be prepared for anything that life throws my way.
I travel a LOT and typically keep my oversized bag filled with the following items just in case I have to hit the road. Believe me, it happens more often than you think.</p
    1. Sunglasses:Great when I’m traveling and I want to catch some Z’s. Also helps minimize the amount of light I take in on a very sunny day. We all know that bright lights can cause massive headaches.
    1. Vitamins:I’m the type of person who doesn’t always remember to take her vitamins in the morning. But I DO remember to take them at some point during the day.
    1. Camera:I love to take photos of my children all day long. I never leave home without it.
    1. Planner:I know this seems bulky and insane, but I don’t MOVE unless it’s written down in my planner. Attached to my HIP and a great way to keep track of my migraines and triggers.
    1. Makeup bag:Like I said, I love to have my favorite colors with me for easy touch-up applications throughout the day.
    1. Perfume:You’d think I have a smaller bottle, right? Wrong. I need a full size and I need it with me at all times. If this happens to be one of your migraine triggers, you’ll probably want to skip this.
    1. Eye mask:Whenever I get a migraine, I need to lay down in a dark, quiet room and just sleep for a while as I wait for my medication to take effect. Eye masks REALLY HELP with this.
    1. Wallet:This is a given, right?
    1. Scarf:Believe it or not, I can get cold very easily and I think it’s best to have a layer on hand. Plus, if I get an attack, I can wrap myself up and get snug while I rest and manage.
    1. Water bottle:You have to stay hydrated! It’s so important! I’m someone who gets an instant headache when I don’t drink enough water.
    1. Phone:I mean… like I need to explain to you WHY I need to have this with me. If a migraine hits I need all my contacts with me.
    1. Ear buds:Truth is, sometimes when I work at a cafe, I like to drown out the noise around me. My music helps me concentrate and also prevents strangers from starting conversations with me. LOL!
    1. Snack bar: Hunger strikes and, when it does, I can’t function! Neither can my children. A bar goes a long way and can help keep a migraine away.
  1. Medication: I always carry my preferred migraine treatment with me for when an attack happens. You can never be too prepared when dealing with migraine monsters.
Some might think this is a lot to carry in a day. I will tell you that I carry this and my three-year-old without batting an eyelash. The one thing I never want to be is unprepared when a migraine strikes. Those migraine monsters like to sneak up on you when you least expect them. Be prepared with the tools you need to face them head on, whether you are at home or away and on the road. Learning what works best for you takes time. I’ve been plagued with migraines for decades—literally. I didn’t recognize that I got a migraine every time I went to the beach without an umbrella until my 30th time. You’d think the pattern would reveal itself sooner, but it doesn’t. You have to seriously pay close attention to everything. What have you eaten? How was your sleep the night before? Are you overly stressed? Are you clenching your teeth or holding tension in your shoulders? Be conscious of the way that you handle those migraine monsters. Take notice of the way that your body responds to treatment. No matter what you do, it’s critical that you start today.  Make sure to talk to your doctor to create your own plan of attack and >visit #NoTime4Migraines to learn more.
I’m sharing my personal migraine story in partnership with Promius Pharma as a paid spokesperson. The story, thoughts, and opinions aboveare expressly my own.

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