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Migraines from Stress? 7 Tips to Consider

I have a VERY stressful job.

Let me just tell you right off the bat that I don’t have a guaranteed salary. That’s right. Each week, I work as if I have no idea where my next paycheck is coming from. I don’t have the luxury of going through the motions because if I get too lax the bills don’t get paid. You want to talk about stress? I live and breathe it.

And people wonder why I have migraine attacks!? LOL! My mother has been telling me to take it easy for more than a decade now. Add three kids, a dog, a husband, and a home to take care of and things can get a little crazy for a migraine sufferer.

In addition to using resources like NoTime4Migraines.com to better understand my migraine attacks and options to treat them, I also make a real effort to de-stress and help reduce the likelihood of attacks. Yes, I’m the girl that schedules relaxing moments for my week in advance. It works, people! It really does. If you’re someone like me who needs a little help de-stressing from the day’s chaos, I have some tips to help you unwind. When you take control of your energy, you tend to calm your mind quicker, which hopefully reduces the likelihood of experiencing a migraine.

7 Ways to Relax

Reduce triggers while creating a relaxing environment:
When I am trying to unwind, I dim the lights. I soften all sounds. I put on comfortable clothes and I turn on my diffuser. It is one of my most favorite possessions. There’s something magical about the light aromatic touches of lavender, orange, and peppermint. These wonderful notes can change my mood in an instant.

Soothing sounds to get some Zs:
At first my husband wasn’t too keen on me adding this to our nightly routine, but now Bill loves to head to the tropical rainforest alongside me whenever we hit the hay. I fall asleep in an instant whenever I turn on my sound machine app. It’s the perfect way to unwind at the end of the night. I’ve noticed that I get migraine attacks less frequently when I have a full night’s sleep.

Appreciate the world around you:
We are all so caught up in our digital lives that sometimes we forget to take notice of all the wonderful moments that are happening right in front of us. Whenever it is getting too much to handle, just stop and look up. Notice how wonderful your life truly is. Stay in the moment. Be present. Stop worrying about tomorrow, yesterday, or when the next migraine attack may strike.

Take a deep breath using meditation apps:
Yes, they do exist and they are powerful. I’ve come across several that give you things to do while you are shopping in a store, going for a walk, or just sitting on the couch. I LOVE how they work right into your life. Sometimes you must stop and do things in the middle of a store aisle, but that’s just part of the fun!

Stay positive with daily quotes:
My house feels like a reading romper room. Every single place you go has some script just waiting to inspire you. If you need help winding down, make sure you choose quotes that guide you in that pointed direction. These quotes also help to keep things in perspective when migraine attacks disrupt even the best-laid plans.

Choose joy:
I know this sounds a little bit too simple to be true, but mindset is determined by attitude. Sometimes, we must let go of the negative energy and just choose to be relaxed or happy or stress-free, even if it’s just for an evening. This world is forever changing and asking too much of us. Sometimes that weight can be too heavy for one person to carry. Responsibilities never go away, but sometimes we should give ourselves permission to dance in the rain. Just worry about that mess tomorrow! In a world of migraines, it’s these moments that I treasure the most.

If possible, splurge on “me” time:
Last month, I boarded a plane with several of my girlfriends and we flew straight to the Bahamas for a fun getaway—no families, just us. It was magic and completely rejuvenated me, body and soul! While we can’t do something like that on a regular basis, it is absolutely something I hope to revisit at least once a year. Time spent with great friends is time well spent and that trip significantly reduced my stress.

These tips truly help me keep balance in my life. Of course, that doesn’t mean that I stay migraine-free when I adhere to them all. In addition to trying these tips, it is important to understand your migraine attacks and identify how they vary. Keep in mind that there are different treatments to consider for different types of attacks. Not every treatment is created equal. Be sure to talk to a doctor/neurologist to explore options that make sense for you and be sure to visit NoTime4Migraines.com to learn more.

I’m sharing my personal migraine story in partnership with Promius Pharma as a paid spokesperson. The story, thoughts, and opinions below are expressly my own.

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